November 01,2020
Gustav Klimt "The Woman in Red" - "Medicine"

Gustav Klimt

The Group of is a collective of more than two artists from Gabriola, B.C. Canada. Each year they create two large paintings (3x4ft) and puzzle them together. Even years they create a series on a subject, such as crows, gardens & gates, desserts.

Odd years they choose a master painter and study the art history of the era and the technical style of that artist. Choosing a section we want to do, we match up with those around us in the puzzle composite. Going into our eighth year, this keeps us laughing and working together.

For January 2019 the Group of Several painted two Klimt paintings, one is a section of Gustav Klimt’s “Medicine” 1900-1907. When this painting was refused by the Vienna University, Klimt took it back, returned their money and said, “Medicine will not cure the ills of this society today.” There was a math decision in the layout of the puzzle pieces so that the “Woman in Red” is 4 x 5 feet.

GOS lightened the mood of this painting by using the figure of the sorceress standing alone. We had fun with the gold and variegated gold leaf in this painting and the Swarovski crystals. There were about 20 packages of gold and silver leaf, with 20 pieces in each package.

The Swarovski crystals were over 1000 plus in application. Crystal gold, platinum and black. This was the second Klimt painting. “The Woman in Gold” was finished and 3 of the 7 artists were exhausted by his highly detailed, and technical application of style.

We created a system of pre-glueing the gold/silver leaf to the tissue paper, which allowed us to cut out the sections needed for the variegated snake skin and the rose variegated gold leaf in her dress. Choosing to design the dress fabric we used the threads, ribbons and sequins, finding puffy gold and silver paint, gold and silver leaf pens. We watched videos on acrylic paints and we researched the internet for Gustav Klimt information and painting interpretations.

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